Sunday, 8 September 2019

Wedding at The West Mill at Darley Abbey

Having booked their wedding ceremony at their local church in Calow, Erin and Richard searched for many weeks for a reception venue which they liked. As soon as they saw the West Mill at Darley Abbey they fell in love with it, and that was the only place they wanted to go.

Erin is one of the nicest people you could possibly want to meet. Attractive, good natured, self-effacing, kind, gentle, helpful. Richard, on the other hand, is - not to put too fine a point on it - a bit of a poser....

The sharp-eyed amongst you may recognise Richard's brother, Daniel, whose wedding we photographed three years ago!

The West Mill at Darley Abbey is one of the latest wedding venues to hit the scene in Derby, and also one of the most popular. With four interesting and picturesque floors allocated solely to a single wedding, it can cater for the largest gathering, and also has grounds by the river for some lovely backgrounds.

Unlike some photographers, I'm not going to fill the blog with the interior shots. Go and have a look for yourselves!

Wishing the happy couple all the best for the future.

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