Sunday, 8 September 2019

Wedding at Tutbury Church and the Riverside Hotel

Nicola married Matt at Tutbury Church, and they held their reception at the Riverside Hotel, Branston. Both of these locations hold special memories for us - my wife and I also married at Tutbury Church many years ago, and the Riverside was one of the first venues we ever took photographs at, over ten years ago.

This is a photograph of the Tutbury Church Cat, which likes to get into all the pictures. I'm sure it knows who the professional photographer is, and exactly what he's shooting....


Nicola at her most beautiful.

Three little angels. At least, whilst they were asleep.

No, don't listen, they're both his - he's already drunk half the one on the right getting as far as the lawn.

Normally, I avoid dappled sunlight since it can be quite harsh and unpredictable on the resulting photographs, but here I could see that it was creating quite a gentle 'sunny afternoon by the river' effect.

By coincidence or design, it was also Nicola's parents' wedding anniversary on this day.

If you've been following this blog, you may recognise Nicola's sister, whose wedding we also photographed recently (well, more than 9 months ago, anyway...)

Wishing all the best to Nicola and Matt.

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