Monday, 9 September 2019

Wedding at the Dovecliff Hotel, Burton on Trent

Louise and Ian top the list for one of the nicest couples we've ever worked with. They married at the Dovecliff Hotel on a beautiful spring day, and everything just came together perfectly. The Dovecliff seemed to have outdone themselves to make the Orangery and the Wedding Room as perfect as humanly possible.

There's always one....


....and after. Not much change really. After all, you can't really improve on 'gorgeous'.

My wife is more of a gown afficionado than I am, but I really liked the Tea-length dress Louise chose, which is quite uncommon.

Louise was a little late, and Ian decided this might be his last chance....

The wedding was a small family affair, and you could really see how happy everyone was for the couple.

Everyone, even the dog, looked up for the group photo. Well, almost everyone!

Wishing every happiness to Louise and Ian.

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