Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Wedding at The Winery, Burton Upon Trent

Dave and Marguerite fell in love with the Winery as soon as they saw it, and just had to have their wedding there. This small, discrete venue is popular because of the fine dining, and the quality of the service, and we have always found the staff to be amongst the most friendly and professional with whom we have ever worked.

Although we agreed a fairly extensive list of formal groups beforehand, once Dave and Marguerite saw the way in which I was taking photographs of their guests in twos and threes and small groups, they decided to just let me get on with it! For me, 'reportage' is a very satisfactory way of photographing smaller weddings, because it doesn't isolate the couple from their guests, or break up the flow of the day.


The grounds of the Winery are excellent for wedding photography. The grass is fairly well drained for walking on; there are enough features to make it interesting, and because it backs onto the church and the river, there is plenty of background 'height' which is both attractive and subdued.

Dave and Marguerite seemed completely at home, and a great time was had by all.


We wish every happiness in the future to Dave and Marguerite.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Wedding at the Bentley Brook Hotel, Ashbourne

Peter and Gemma married at another popular wedding venue, the Bentley Brook Hotel at Fenny Bentley, just outside Ashbourne. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day, and although as it turned out it was ideal for an outside ceremony, the weather forecast had not been optimistic so it was actually held inside.

The Bentley Brook was voted Best Wedding Venue of 2017 by the Brides of 'I Do' magazine.


Wishing Gemma and Peter every happiness in the future.