Sunday, 28 May 2017

Wedding at Burton Registry Office, with Reception at The Winery

Laima & Simon married on a beautiful sunny day at the Registry Office in Burton upon Trent. After the two previous locations for the Registry Office, this is by far the best from a photographic point of view, offering access to trees, paths and parkland, and even the pretty Andresey Bridge.

Considering that this was a small, low-key wedding, I wasn't expecting anything special, but when  Laima arrived - a breathtaking vision in flowing white - I knew we were going to have a great morning.

Laima is certainly going to be a candidate for Beautiful Bride of 2017....

Sometimes Registry Office weddings can be overly-serious affairs, with the Registrars themselves seeming a little bit aloof and officious - but today they were friendly and helpful, and pitched in whole-heartedly with the proceedings, to the extent of helping occupy Laima's son whilst I took a few photographs of the couple with the register.

I would really like to say a big thankyou to the Registrars, because it was a small wedding with only a few guests, and they really turned it into a friendly family affair.

Once outside, we were spoiled for choice for photos - the morning was warm and sunny, and there weren't too many passers-by to get in the way.

After a pretty relaxed half an hour, we headed off to the Winery, only a few hundred yards distant, for more pictures in their grounds by the river.

We wish Laima and Simon every happiness in the future.