Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wedding at St Mary's Church Stretton & Branston Pavilion

Couples very often ask us what happens if it rains at their wedding - well, these photographs from the wedding of David and Victoria - sorry, Sophie and Tom - will show you.

Basically, everyone has a great time, and apart from the fact that the outdoor photos are taken inside, it really doesn't make a deal of difference!

When we arrived at the church, it was cold and hammering it down with rain, but it did let up a little as the guests started to arrive, and the avenue of trees outside St Mary's Church provided some shelter.

One of our main concerns when the weather is poor is actually not getting wet - it's the amount of available light we have to work with.With no daylight coming into the church through the windows, the service was challenging to photograph even with top-end Canon cameras and fast lenses. This was only the second time (the first was a mid-winter wedding ceremony lit only by candlelight) that we've ever had to use the cameras at their highest available ISO (sensitivity) rating!

This is the sort of situation where a couple who have not hired a professional photographer lose out, because most friends or amateurs simply would not have either the equipment or the experience to cope.

I'd been wondering throughout the service what the weather was doing, hoping for the best but expecting the worst - which was what we got! This left us with no alternative but to set up some remote flashguns and do the main body of photographs in the church.

We provide big white umbrellas just in case - but this was the first time in about five years we've had to use all of them together!

The rain didn't even let up once we arrived at Branston Pavilion, so the rest of the photographs had to be done inside as well. Whilst normally we would have made the best use of available light from the picture windows in the main room, it was so dark outside that even that wasn't possible. However, there was a certain 'war spirit' amongst the guests, and no-one seemed too bothered. I think it might actually have been a bit of a relief to everyone that they were not going to have to stand around outside for an hour, but could stay near the bar!

The speeches were worth waiting for. Alternating between laughter and tears, there was hardly a dry eye in the house by the end of them.

Even after the Wedding Breakfast, the rain continued relentlessly, so there was no prospect of taking a golf buggy to the lake, or even of getting out onto the patio area next to the pavilion. So, whilst we waited with the guests for the evening party to start, we took a few ad-lib groups and funnies.

We would like to wish every future happiness to David and Victoria - sorry, Tom and Sophie.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Wedding at The Pavilion at Branston

Rachael and Dan are a lovely couple who really wanted to make some dreams come true on their wedding day.

Rachael, resplendent in white, took a carriage and horses from her home to the venue, and I stopped to capture them en-route. It's always a tricky business doing this and still getting to the venue before the Bride when it's not far away, but I arranged with the carriage driver for him to stop after I'd taken some pictures and let me get ahead. Shame he didn't actually stop.....

 Dan was waiting at Branston Pavilion when I got there, and we snapped a few quick shots before Rachael arrived.

The service was held in the sunshine overlooking the gold course, and things could not have been better.

Dan and Rachael came in for the Wedding Breakfast, and then it was time for the speeches. Rachael's son gave an unexpected and highly emotional speech which reduced everyone to tears, and received a standing ovation.

After the meal, it was time to cut the cake. The moral here is that whilst the bride is sacrosanct, never to be besmirched with jam and cream, the groom is not so protected....

Fortuitously, the couple had booked us for the early evening as well as the daytime, so once Dan had cleaned himself up we took a motorised buggy down to the lake to grab some more pictures and annoy the golfers.....

One of the interesting things I never knew about golf, is that if you get in a player's way, they don't shout 'Fore' as they're supposed to, they shout 'Get out of the b*(&^% way!'

The evening party commenced with Casino Night, which some people perhaps took a little too seriously.....

We would like to wish Rachael and Dan and their children all the best for the future.