Sunday, 28 May 2017

Wedding at Burton Registry Office, with Reception at The Winery

Laima & Simon married on a beautiful sunny day at the Registry Office in Burton upon Trent. After the two previous locations for the Registry Office, this is by far the best from a photographic point of view, offering access to trees, paths and parkland, and even the pretty Andresey Bridge.

Considering that this was a small, low-key wedding, I wasn't expecting anything special, but when  Laima arrived - a breathtaking vision in flowing white - I knew we were going to have a great morning.

Laima is certainly going to be a candidate for Beautiful Bride of 2017....

Sometimes Registry Office weddings can be overly-serious affairs, with the Registrars themselves seeming a little bit aloof and officious - but today they were friendly and helpful, and pitched in whole-heartedly with the proceedings, to the extent of helping occupy Laima's son whilst I took a few photographs of the couple with the register.

I would really like to say a big thankyou to the Registrars, because it was a small wedding with only a few guests, and they really turned it into a friendly family affair.

Once outside, we were spoiled for choice for photos - the morning was warm and sunny, and there weren't too many passers-by to get in the way.

After a pretty relaxed half an hour, we headed off to the Winery, only a few hundred yards distant, for more pictures in their grounds by the river.

We wish Laima and Simon every happiness in the future.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Wedding at Melbourne View Hotel, Castle Donington

Until this year we have always had a stand at the Melbourne View wedding fayres, and - considering that we are not local to the area - it has brought a lot of clients to us. Sadly, Sally, the proprietor - the lovely lady who works so terribly hard to ensure couples have the time of their lives, often for precious little thanks - has now decided to cut back on her workload a little, and not hold any more wedding fayres. We shall miss them.

However, this gem of a wedding was held at the Melbourne View Hotel, when Lisa and Andrew decided to tie the knot. Lisa was quite unnecessarily nervous about being photographed getting ready, so for once we started at the venue with the Groom.

No, this is not Andrew's back, but I thought it was quite appropriate for a wedding day....

This is Andrew demonstrating how not-nervous he is. I don't think.

Lisa arrived looking very lovely in white.

I believe that one of the Best Men was the Groom's son, and as is often the case when a parent marries, the ceremony is an emotional event for all.

The afternoon was warm, clear and bright - perfect.

Visitors to the Melbourne View Hotel may wonder whether this aerial shot was taken using a drone. Actually, I balanced rather precariously on the gatepost!

With the car park and drive laid with loose stone, it was necessary to exercise a little ingenuity to get the Groom's mother back to the main reception.....

Because the weather was so nice, we had actually completed the photographs in double-quick time, so since it still wasn't quite time for the wedding breakfast we squeezed in a few more photos after all the guests had gone inside.

Then, it was time for Lisa and Andrew to join their guests again.

After the meal, there was plenty of time for fun and some not-so-serious photos.

Lisa decided that she would throw the bouquet. Now, I have to admit that I find this one of the most difficult shots to capture at a wedding, chiefly because the Bride is usually such a terrible thrower - and Lisa was no exception. Her swing took the bouquet about ten feet beyond the waiting pack, necessitating a re-throw by a fielder.

I'm sure she's happy about it really....

The couple had booked us for the 'Early Evening', and because we were staying with them until the First Dance we were able to get most of the evening guests arriving.



Something I rarely get to photograph is the Hog Roast. Usually, by the time I realise it's done, it's already been hacked into a million pieces. Well, here it is intact, in all its mouth-watering glory.

Wishing all the best in the future to Lisa and Andrew.