Monday, 28 March 2016

Wedding at St Augustines Church, Rugeley

Shona and Richard married at the very imposing church of St Augustines in Rugeley, on a beautiful sunny day at the end of last summer. The theme was Scottish, and the reception was at the Miners' Welfare Centre a little way up the road.

Richard and their son were fully kilted out....


St Augustine's Church is slightly unusual in that it has an accessible gallery at the back for nice overview of the service. Many churches which have this don't allow photographers up there - presumably in case we're suddenly seized with the urge to jump....

Another unusual feature of St Augustine's, which makes it ideal from our point of view, is that it has quite extensive grounds which are NOT entirely given over to gravestones, with trees and high hedges that create a parkland environment for photographs.

It was a still a beautiful day when the couple left for the reception venue, a mile or so down the road.

We would like to wish Richard and Shona, their children, and their new baby, all the best for the future together.