Monday, 14 September 2015

Wedding Photography at Netherstowe House, and the Registry Office, Lichfield

Kate and Adam are a charming young couple who chose to marry at the Registry Office in Lichfield. Beforehand, however, we were invited to the charming Netherstowe House, a boutique luxury hotel renowned for its outstanding level of personal service.

Kate has got to be one of our prettiest and most photogenic brides of 2015....

Whilst Netherstowe House has attractive gardens, a combination of sunshine and thundery showers left the ground outside too wet for photos, so we had to use one of their landings for a few more formal pictures.

Lichfield Registry Office was hosting no less than 16 weddings that Saturday in June. At any given time, there were three wedding parties on-site - one just finished and having photographs, one taking place inside, and a third in the process of arriving! This made life quite awkward from the point of view of reportage photographs of guests, as you can imagine!

In spite of this, I could see the attraction of the venue, because at the back of the Registry Office is a huge park with open gardens, fountains, lawns and ponds. We had explored all of this with Kate and Adam (and their dog) beforehand, with a view to where we could take photos.

What we absolutely did not want was a torrential downpour of rain just as the guests - and most importantly Kate - arrived! Matters were not helped by the nearest parking being about a quarter of a mile away.

As if that was not enough, the previous wedding was running late, and had not finished when Kate arrived, which meant everyone had to wait awhile outside on the pavement.....

However, this did not dampen anyone's spirits, and the wedding proceeded nicely through to its conclusion.

By the time we emerged, the sun was out again, and it remained a beautiful for the rest of the day. However, the ground was so wet, Kate and Adam decided against photos in the park, so we made do with a few casual pictures before heading for the reception.

The reception was at a close friend's small-holding out by Tamworth, where a marquee had been erected in the gardens to host the event.

The cake was like nothing I had ever seen before - a wonderful confectionery with a woodland theme.

Afterwards, as the evening stayed warm and sunny, everyone remained outside and in good humour, and a great holiday atmosphere prevailed.

For any potential future brides looking at this blog, putting the Bridesmaid on the home-made rope swing over the stream was not my idea.....


A Wedding at Melbourne View Hotel, Castle Donington

The wedding of Nicola and Richard was actually our first wedding of the year at Melbourne View. They are a lovely couple, and they chose a warm sunny day to do the deed.

They have the prettiest little daughter, Louisa, and she had grown somewhat since we did the Newborn Photoshoot for her!

Nicola looked extraordinarily beautiful in a heavy flowing white dress.

Richard is something of a motorbike afficionado, and his bike attended the wedding as well!

Nicola was not too put off to marry him, however.

The sun continued to shine for the rest of the day - in fact, we could have done with a little cloud, just to take the sting out of it and stop people squinting!

A long hot afternoon turned into a long warm evening, and everyone had a great time, even if Richard did risk his life at the cake cutting...