Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dovecliff Hotel Wedding Fayre Sunday 31st May 2015

One Day Special Offer!

Come and meet us at the Dovecliff Hotel Wedding Fayre, and when you subsequently book us for your wedding, we will provide FREE photography for your Bridal Preparations and your Evening Party up until the first dance!

Please see the main website for full details of how to claim your free photography.

Just to whet your appetite, here a few of our photos from previous weddings at the Dovecliff....

 See you there!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wedding Photographs at the Old School House, Weeford

Glenn and Annette are a charming couple who chose to marry at the small country church at Weeford, and then have their reception across the road at the Old School House. The weather on the day was treacherous - a cold wind, and rain showers, interspersed with a few fleeting glimpses of the sun.

You'll get some idea how long it takes me to get photographs onto this blog from the Christmas decorations in the background!

The photography started the night before the wedding at the couple's house, with a dress and pet-shoot. They have a lovely spaniel, and a venerable cat which is about two hundred years old.

On the day, this lovely lady serenaded the guests arriving with a futuristic-looking violin that could have come out of Star Wars.

Glenn scrubbed up pretty well on the day.

Now, you have to understand that Annette is never, ever, ever late. Not ever. Not for anything. Well, maybe except for her wedding.

We had been hoping for a bright sunny day, because the church (built in 1802) had little natural light. Instead, it decided to be overcast and rainy during the service. We've only ever once photographed a service in a darker church, and that was lit entirely by candlelight!

The Vicar obviously appreciated our plight, because she had brought a special Preaching Scarf from Scarves-R-Us with flashing red lights all over it!

The photographs outside were done as quickly as we could take them. A bitter wind was howling up the valley, and it was all we could do to stop the guests from vanishing across the road into the warmth of the Old School House bar!

Glenn and Annette went for a bit of a drive around in their fabulous vintage car, and then came back to brave the elements for some photos in the grounds by the river. This was the first time we'd ever got this far at Weeford - at all of our previous weddings there it had been too cold and wet to go down there!




In addition to the fabulous violinist, the couple had hired a Robbie Williams tribute singer. Now, the Bride's sister is a tremendous fan of Robbie Williams....

We always strive to try and finish a couple's wedding album with some sort of spectacular shot. At a lot of venues there simply isn't anywhere to take such a shot, or the darkness and weather prevent it. I thought this wedding was going to be the same, as it rained for most of the evening. However, I knew that Annette really wanted a night-time shot down by the river, and just as I was leaving for the night about ten o' clock, the rain eased up and made the following shot possible. Many thanks to the two guests holding flashguns to the right and left of the camera!

Wishing all the best to Annette and Glenn....

Wedding Photographs at Newton Park Hotel

Martyn and Kirsty are a lovely couple, who married at Newton Park Hotel. Originally, they were going to marry abroad, but when Kirsty found that she was with child they elected to have a wedding here instead. Everything was going according to plan until Kirsty fell over a wall in a car park and broke her wrist a couple of weeks before the wedding....

This led to some interesting cast-disguises, and some artful posing....

Not everyone found the service completely riveting....

The local SNP candidate photo-bombed one of the group shots....

Wishing Kirsty and Martyn all the best for their future.