Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wedding at St Peter's Church and the Country Cottage Hotel, Ruddington

Amanda and Andrew are undoubtedly one of our best-looking couples of 2014, and it was a real pleasure to photograph their wedding at Ruddington near Nottingham earlier this year. They had the 'full package' from us, including both Bride and Groom's preparations, so both Denise and I were out early that morning!

Rather than show here all the 'best' photographs, I thought I'd make this post from all the 'other photographs' (of which there are many hundreds!) which we take at every wedding. The couple get these photos on disk, but they don't necessarily make the album - usually owing to the fact we simply can't shoehorn them all in there!

We start with Bride's Preparations, and some doubts on the faces of the Bride's little helpers....

However, Mum and Dad look happy enough, especially now Mum has (finally!) taken out her curlers.

The Page Boys amuse themselves buying Dad a new car on eBay whilst the Bride does her make-up.

But it all turns out all right in the end, and Amanda looks gorgeous.

Ah - now the Chief Bridesmaid just needs to get ready.

Meanwhile, at the Groom's, everything is proceeding nicely, and Andrew is looking good.

Then, off to the church. Remember the Bridesmaid in the centre, and that bouquet....

Amanda is never late. It was universally acknowledged by all the guests that Amanda had never been late, was not going to be late now, and never would be late in the future.

Oh well....

In this particular church we had to photograph from the back. We had met the vicar a few weeks previously, and then he was quite happy for us to photograph from the front. However, between then and our wedding, a 'professional' photographer from Nottingham managed to get the service stopped when the vicar caught him snapping his fingers at the Bride and Groom during the vows to get them to look his way!

After that, the vicar decided henceforward all photographers would work from the back. A big thank you to that ignorant idiot with a camera who spoiled it for everyone else.

After a few photos outside the church - which included a brief dash inside to avoid a short but heavy rain shower - all the guests walked to the reception venue about a quarter of a mile away - the Country Cottage Hotel.

This is a beautiful and relatively quiet hotel in the middle of Ruddington, with a friendly atmosphere and lovely helpful staff.

The speeches were excellent, as might be expected from a professional like Andrew, although Amanda was not entirely convinced....

You remember that Bridesmaid with the bouquet? Well, I spent so much of the afternoon encouraging her to hold it properly, it became a standing joke. Here she's taking the mick with it!

There was a beautiful slipper-bath in the Bridal Suite, and we just couldn't resist a photo with it.

Lo and behold - we'd just popped out after the meal for a few pictures in the sunset, when who should turn up but Melvyn Hayes, fresh from shooting a new TV series in the environs of Nottingham, and who was staying at the hotel. He very kindly agreed to pose for a quick photo with the couple.

After that, it was time for the evening party, and another hundred or so guests to arrive.

Wishing every happiness to Amanda and Andrew for the future; they really do deserve it.