Friday, 14 March 2014

Wedding at the Old Schoolhouse, Weeford

Jamie and Camilla married at the very end of last year at the Old School House in Weeford. This is a really lovely and popular location, because it is not only licensed for wedding ceremonies on the premises, but there is also a grand old traditional church directly across the road - so couples have a real choice for the Wedding Service.

The grounds of the venue are set in a landscape of low wooded hills, and custom-built for wedding photographs. Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding it hammered it down with rain from the moment we arrived until bedtime, precluding more than a few outside photographs in the vicinity of the building for a quick escape!

Jamie and Camilla are a lovely couple, and we wish them all the best in the future.

Wedding photographers are getting younger by the year!

Owing to the rain, even though it was not hired for the occasion, the Manager kindly let us use the large Marquee at the back of the restaurant for group photographs. With panoramic views over the grounds, this would have been even more lovely if you could have seen through the rain trickling down the windows!

Once or twice the rain let up for a few minutes, and since it was a small wedding party we were able to nip outside for a few photos on the patio. It was just too wet (and too risky of a downpour) to get down to the river and the grounds though.