Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wedding Photographs at Blackbrook House, Belper

Rachel and Ian were one of our later weddings from last year, and married at Blackbrook House. This is a venue which will stick in our minds as being one of the friendliest we've ever been to - not only did the staff serve us free coffee when we went to look around the place with the couple, but they also fed us on the wedding day!

Rachel and Ian got more than they actually asked for on the day, photography-wise. Rachel didn't actually want Bride's Preparation, but because Ian disappeared for a while I was left with nothing to photograph but Rachel! However, no-one minded, and I think Rachel was quite glad it worked out like it did in the end.

The Wedding Room at Blackbrook House is a photographer's dream - although large and with only windowed doors at one end, it is all bright white with skylights to let the daylight in.

The sun was low in the sky when we went outside, but it was still a lovely summer's afternoon for photographs....

The photos were completed at a relaxed pace, and that led naturally into the speeches.

There was a long interlude then until the evening party, so we took a few more photos to while the time away. Many couples have found that extending the photographic coverage of the day beyond sitting down for the Wedding Breakfast to be very useful - it not only provides a safety net for important photos in the event of inclement weather earlier in the day, but also allows for far more relaxed photos once everyone has finished their meal and is lounging around.

Sometimes it all becomes too much for a young Bride.... ahhhh.....

We're sure that Rachel and Ian will have a long and happy life together.

Wedding at Castle Donington, the Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel

Matt and Steph married at the tail end of last summer. They picked Donington Park Farmhouse, which is a venue we know well - not least because my eldest daughter married there a few years ago!

It was a beautiful day, and we started out at Steph's parents' house for Bridal Prep.....

After that, it was on to the Farmhouse Hotel, where the sunshine was so bright we had real trouble with people squinting in spite of shooting in the shade with the sun behind them!

Steph arrived looking absolutely radiant, driven by the inimitable Mr. Dave Smithard, who I first encountered about thirty years ago when I started out videoing weddings, and he was doing the photography! And the amazing thing was, he had hardly changed a bit!

There was a bit of a hiatus whilst the Registrars got their act together, and then it was on with the service.

It was extremely hot in the Wedding Room, and we were all glad to get outside for the fresh air and sunshine.

These two studious-looking guys are actually the Best Men, and they're writing their speech....

And so on to the evening party, and the arrival of lots more guests.

We hope that Matt and Steph will enjoy every happiness together....