Sunday, 17 November 2013

Children in Need Fun Day, Renaissance Hair & Beauty, The Mill House Restaurant

The day started out dull and grey (and very early!) for the initial 'Fun Run' from Renaissance Hair & Beauty in Hilton, to the Mill House Restaurant in Stretton. However, with so many happy and colourful people together, it soon seemed to brighten up!

The guy in the orange suit on the left is actually Brandon Barnett (from the Mill House), who is one of Burton's up-and-coming Karate/Kickboxing Champions.

The route took the runners out past Alpha Construction and down Marston Lane, by which time they were getting their second wind. The pack broke up shortly after starting, and different runners took different routes, some longer, some shorter, but all arriving in a very respectable time at the Mill House. Here, they were greeted by the Burton Albion Mascot, Billy Brewer, kindly on loan from the Pirelli Stadium just down the road.

The only late arrival was this lady, but since she's not a runner, and is apparently 50 years old next week, I think she can be forgiven. And she still arrived half an hour ahead of the Burton Mail Photographer! To be honest, the cycling escort looked in a much worse state than the runners!

There were quite a few things for people to do set up in the Marquee by the restaurant entrance - first on was 'Guess the Bear's Name'.

A free bouncy castle was on hand to entertain the younger visitors.

The raffle was very well presented, having sold many hundreds of tickets, and with more than 90 quite respectable prizes. First Prize was a £300 Mountain Bike.

As might be expected from an event sponsored by a Hair and Beauty Salon, the place was awash with glamorous young ladies, none of whom were going to allow a hair out of place even if they had just run nearly 8 miles! See if you can spot the sister who did the run, and the sister who didn't....


Face painting was also on offer, courtesy of a talented young lady from the Mill House.

The Sumo Wrestling was popular, if exhausting.

At one point, Billy Brewer appeared to be having a problem with his shorts, but this was quickly rectified with a helping hand.

The Mill House, of course, is popular with adults not just because of its excellent food, but because it provides extensive play areas for its younger guests. Billy Brewer poses with some of them on the Pirate Ship.

A finale for the day was a children's magician, in the shape of Matt's Magical Mayhem, who kept the kids usefully occupied with balloon-making and table-top magic for a couple of hours.

Finally, the raffle was drawn by the Fun Day organisers, and prizes announced.

A great day was had by everyone, and I would like to say thank you to all those people who actively participated to make it so enjoyable.

Further information on the charity can be found at if you wish to contact the organisers, or take part in next year's fundraising events.

We are hosting all of the pictures here, if you wish to see more of what happened on the day, or even buy a picture or two to remember it by. Autumn House are donating 30% from any resulting print sales to Children in Need.