Sunday, 8 September 2013

Burton Albion Wedding Fayre ~ White Dove Release ~ new Graphistudio Digital Matted Albums

Today we had a big table at the Burton Albion Wedding Fayre, at Pirelli Stadium in Burton.We had a great day with lots of interest, and it does look as if the UK is starting to come out of the recession finally - many brides were booking for next year with actual dates and venues already in the bag!

Here is Denise smiling nicely behind our stand! Just for a change, we'd smartened it up a bit with a black, white and red theme, and it looked quite impressive once the blinds were drawn and you could see it!

We had a demonstration copy of the new Digital Matted Album from Graphistudio on display, something which very few photographers in the UK have yet got hold of. I won't bore you with all the marketing superlatives from the Graphistudio website, but basically this type of album uses a brand new printing technology to create a multi-layered, raised surface which actually looks and 'feels' three-dimensional. It really does need to be seen and touched to be believed - if you're interested in having the very latest trendsetting album design, give us a ring and we'll come and show it to you!

However, enough of the boring technical stuff.

As I was having dinner I started talking to another exhibitor. When I asked what she did, she said "whydoesrelief". There was a bit of a pause whilst I took that in, considered how unlikely it was that she was some sort of physical therapist, and then said "pardon me"?

It turned out that what she actually said was 'White Dove Release'.

Although we have not yet encountered Dove Release at any of our weddings, it is apparently immensely popular in America and Canada, and is now gaining in popularity over here as well.

The lady invited me down to have a look at the birds, and I was immediately impressed, not only with the love and respect which she showed to 'Charlie' and 'Snowflake', a mated pair, but also with what a wonderful sight they must be when launching out of their basket in the sunshine at a wedding. My pictures (hastily grabbed in between interested customers) don't really do these beautiful Fan-tailed Doves justice.

If you want something interesting and a little bit out of the ordinary for your special day, you might consider having a few white doves released at the end of your wedding service!