Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wedding Photos at Drayton Manor Park

Sharon and Luke married at the Parish Church of Linton and Castle Gresley, and held their reception at the popular Drayton Manor Hotel in Fazeley, near Tamworth.

As seems so often the case for us, it was a lovely sunny day!

Denise went to the Groom's house to do Groom's preparations, and I went to the Bride's mum's house to do Bride's preparations, so we really did cover the whole day for the young couple. The couple have a great dog called 'Buster', and if you say 'cats'.....


The wedding service was an epic. Although some of the guests were starting to get restless, I must admit that, as a photographer, I found it all very engaging . The vicar, a long time friend of the family, really put himself out to make it special, and to bring some real ceremony back to a wedding service that is now sometimes just too routine. The rings were at the back of the church, and were fetched by the couple's children at the appropriate time.

The service concluded with champagne and fireworks, much to the delight of the children.

After the service, it was off to Drayton Manor, where the couple were whisked away in a golf buggy down into the park. Unfortunately, as a Bank Holiday weekend, the park was really busy, and we weren't allowed to ride the carousel, but we did manage to grab a few photos sitting on it.

The moored paddle-steamer was back off its Health and Safety break, so we had some nice photos there as well, which was just as well since it was near closing time and we couldn't have photos by the lake owing to the traffic.

Because the couple had booked us for the whole day, we took the opportunity to take them into the grounds at the back of the new hotel after the wedding breakfast, so nothing was really missed after all.

The party was a spectacular hit, and culminated in a giant balloon filled with smaller balloons and confetti being exploded over the couple's heads.

Wishing every happiness to Sharon and Luke.

Wedding Photos at Burton Town Hall and Stapenhill Gardens

Gillian and David married at the Town Hall, Burton-on-Trent on a lovely sunny day in June.

You might recognise David if you've been to the Space Centre at Leicester - he's the weatherman at the recording studio!



Because they were both brought up playing around the park in Stapenhill, we went there for photographs afterwards, and it was obvious that the location really meant something to them.

Afterwards, the reception was held at the Riverside Hotel, Branston.



Wishing every happiness to Gillian and David.

Wedding Photographs at Risley Hall

Phil and Sandra are one of those couples that you meet and instantly love to bits. Warm, friendly, they could not have been nicer to photograph on the day. They married at St Michael's Church in Breaston, and then had their reception at the lovely Risley Hall.

Sandra and her parents had always had a passion for horses, so a horse-drawn carriage was the Bride's preferred means of transport.

Much to Phil's surprise, Sandra arrived at the church nearly twenty minutes early. Although it's a much-loved happening on TV, in all of our years photographing weddings, this was the first time the Bride was asked to go around the block and come back later!

The vicar has variously been described as a 'bit of a lad', 'great fun', and 'wonderful bloke', and the service had everyone rolling in the aisles with laughter. It was certainly one of the smiliest, happiest services we've ever done.

The service finished earlier than planned as well, which meant that we had time to rattle off all the formal group photos outside the church before leaving for Risley Hall. Upon our arrival, it was all casual, relaxed shots of guests laughing and chatting - the way wedding receptions should be!

The weather was ideal for photographs of the couple, warm and bright, but with a light overcast of cloud.

We can only wish Sandra and Phil our warmest wishes for their future together, which I am sure will be long and happy!