Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shottle Hall Wedding Photographs

Nikki and Michael married on a blustery day in March at Shottle Hall, half way between Wirksworth and Derby. As longstanding friends of the family, we had been hoping against hope for some nice weather for them, but it was not to be! It started raining before Michael arrived, and kept going right through until the Wedding Breakfast apart from a few minutes when we managed to snatch a shot or two outside. Even then, the grounds were too wet to walk on, and we could go no further than the gravel driveway.

Then, as everyone sat down for the meal, the sun came out and we had a background of a wintry sunset for the speeches.

However, Shottle has plenty of nooks and crannies for indoor photographs.....

Nikki looked radiant in a long, tiered white wedding gown which showed her slim figure off perfectly.

Three lovely bridesmaids in blue, and the couple's baby daughter was the Flower Girl.

There has to be mention of Jack, the young man in the suit. Whilst ostensibly a Page Boy, he was really so grown up and professional about it all that he really qualified as one of the Groomsmen!

Special mention should go to the local taxi firm which had been tasked to collect Michael's family and bring them to the reception. The mini-bus arrived promptly twenty minutes before the service - empty. A misunderstanding had led to the driver arriving to collect rather than deliver! The subsequent delay caused the Registrar a few palpitations, but we weren't complaining since it just gave us a lot more time for photographs once Nikki was ready!


It was, of course, red-nose day, so what could be more complete than everyone donning a nose for Charity!

After the speeches, Nikki decided that she was going to have the last word....

 ... before letting her hair down for the party!

Wishing every happiness in the future to Nikki, Michael and all the family.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Wedding Photos at Packington Moor, Lichfield

Shelley and Dan married earlier this year at the popular Packington Moor Hotel and wedding venue near Lichfield. We arrived early, to catch both Dan and Shelley (in adjoining cottages) getting ready, and also the guests arriving.

The day was warm and dry and sunny, and most of the group photos were taken around the outskirts of the sheltered courtyard. We then took Dan and Shelley off to the gardens and the small woodland for some more personal photos of just the two of them.

Wishing Shelley and Dan every happiness in their new life together.

Wedding Blessing at the Moat House, Acton Trussell

Jacinta & Stuart had their marriage blessed on an icy but sunny day just before the end of the bitter weather at the start of the year. As we drove out to the Moat House at Acton Trussell, a cold wind was howling across Blithfield Reservoir and the last vestiges of snow were banked at the roadsides. However, we'd already been to the venue with Jacinta and Stuart, and agreed we could do the photographs either inside, or keep popping out for few pictures and then back into the warm for a while. This worked pretty well, and we got some great photographs of their special day.

The couple had chosen to have their wedding blessed at the church at Acton Trussel, which was within walking distance - so, everyone parked at the Hotel and walked (or in my case, ran!).

And then we all walked back to the hotel....

In a way, it's quite nice to do group photographs inside rather than out. Everyone keeps warm, all the guests are on-hand to be called for, and the bar is only yards away!

The Moat House, with it's own small lake, lends itself very nicely to scenic wedding photographs. It also backs onto the canal and has some very nice rear patios, but it was just too cold to spend more than a few minutes outside, even in the sunshine.

We wish every happiness to Stuart and Jacinta for the future.