Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wedding Photography at Tutbury Castle

Daniel and Deborah married on a beautiful day at Tutbury Castle. We were glad it was a beautiful day, because although the castle is a wonderful location in fine weather, it can be a bit windswept when it is not.

Daniel looked very distinguished in an unusual patterned Morning Suit, and Deborah was striking in a low cut white gown.

The Civil Ceremony and Reception both took place in the Great Hall. What happened then should be a salutory lesson for couples who decide to hire a friend or amateur to take their photographs....

Denise and I had carefully calculated our positions for the ceremony, and the angles for the photography; we had discussed our intentions with the castle staff and the Registrars; we had allowed for the brilliant sunlight streaming in through the windows and backlighting the Registry Table. And then, just as Deborah was mounting the staircase up to the Great Hall, the Registrars decided to close the curtains and plunge the room into darkness!

As professional photographers, we are used to the unexpected - especially when dealing with Registrars - and a quick change of positions and exposure calculations let us carry on regardless. Less well-prepared photographers might not have fared so well!

Once outside into the sunshine it was business as usual, and after a few formal groups we took Dan and Deborah on a tour of the Castle.


After a pleasant hour or so in the grounds, it was back inside for the speeches and the meal. Unusually, Dan had prepared his speech on his mobile phone.

After the meal, there were a couple of hours to kill before the reception at the Bass - sorry, the Coors Museum, so we took the opportunity for a few more very relaxed photos as the couple spent some time with their guests.

Finally, it was off to the Coors Museum for the evening party. The young gentlemen below have been taken to see the Shire Horses, and I won't comment on what one of the horses was doing.

We wish Daniel and Deborah every happiness in the future.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Wedding Photography at Burton Registry Office, Barton Marina & The Meynell Ingram Arms

We loved Kate and Jim from the very first moment that their pair of Jack Russells met us at the door for their home demonstration! They chose to have a small wedding at the Registry Office in Burton, and then a reception at the Meynell Ingram Arms between Yoxall and Abbotts Bromley.

Kate and Jim make a very handsome couple, and Kate chose a simple white gown which perfectly complemented her slim figure. She was attended by three lovely bridesmaids in the palest of flowing pink, with flowers to match.

Jim turned up with all his mates and had a great laugh....

Parking for the Registry Office is often a problem for guests, who sometimes end up parking miles away and being late for the service....

In actual fact, when there is a wedding on at weekends, the Council Office car park behind the registry office is open for the use of the guests, and the barrier is left up accordingly.

Although the Registry Office does have a small garden area immediately behind it (well, a sort of lovers' seat affair and a bit of grass) it is possible to take quite reasonable photographs on the stretch of lawn beneath the trees at the other end of the car park!

However, we wanted rather better than that for an attractive couple like Kate and Jim, so whilst all the guests disappeared off to the reception at the Meynell Ingram Arms, we stopped off at Barton Marina for a few nice pictures.


After a half hour in the sunshine by the lake, we sped on to the Reception, where Reynard Fox was waiting to greet us.

The speeches were a humorous affair with a great deal of mick-taking and parental embarrassment.

We wish Kate and Jim all the best for the future, and look forward to photographing their forthcoming newborn twins this summer!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wedding Photography at All Saints Church Branston & Newton Park Hotel

Quite a few couples have commented upon the fact that in our blog we don't tend to publish too many informal photos of guests!

However, since probably 80% of all our photos are taken in natural, reportage style, we've decided to set the record straight and create a blog post for a wedding with ONLY the reportage pictures! And we'll do it in the ever-popular black and white format as well.

Emma and Tom are a lovely young couple who married on a bright but chilly day at All Saints Church in Branston. Without further comment, I will let the story of their day unfold....

Wishing every happiness to Tom and Emma.