Friday, 23 November 2012

Wedding Photography at Dovecliff Hall

Lisa and Paul arranged their wedding from the other side of the English Channel, and we only met with them a couple of times before the wedding. However, it would be fair to say that we all got on like a house on fire, and when we met again on the day it was really like meeting old friends!

One of the nicest things for us (as photographers) about wedding venues like the Dovecliff, is that everything happens in one place. Even with two photographers, at a multiple venue wedding (e.g. Bride's house, church, reception) it is inevitable that some aspects of the wedding do not get as much coverage as we would like as we have to move between the venues.

But when the Groom has a room to get ready directly across the landing from the Bride's room, we can be pretty confident that we will capture everything that goes on!

The conservatory at the Dovecliff is one of the few places where this particular picture is possible.

The Dovecliff has very extensive grounds, and at most times of the year all of the photogenic locations are usable. The only one we have never tried - although we do discuss it with every couple - is the steep flight of steps down the escarpment to the side of the River Dove. Every bride so far has considered the risk of a broken ankle too great! Perhaps one day some enterprising bride in trainers will try it!

However, what more could you ask than sunshine and fluffy white clouds against a blue sky for a perfect wedding. Wishing every happiness to Paul and Lisa in their lives together.