Friday, 10 August 2012

Bad Weather Wedding Photography at National Trust Sudbury Hall

April 29th 2012 is a day that many people will remember, as April stormed out with the worst weather of the year - local flash flooding, torrential rain and gale force winds. Linda and Frank will better remember it as their wedding day!

Oddly enough, the weather brought out the 'war spirit', and in spite of the appalling conditions no-one lacked for a smile on the day. The wind and rain really were so bad that it made the day fun and exciting, from the first few seconds of Linda arriving when the chauffeur's umbrella blew inside out, to the only posed photograph of the day we were able to do outside - arriving at Branston Pavilions - when the rain relented for a few minutes.


Sudbury Hall were excellent about the whole thing - because photos in the grounds were impossible, they allowed us to have the run of the main building. This meant we could grab some great shots in
the Long Gallery as well as by the staircase.


Frank's daughter sang beautifully for everyone at the reception, accompanied by a pianist friend of the family, and I don't think I saw a miserable face all day.


We would like to thank Linda and Frank for their hospitality at Branston Pavilions, and wish them the best of luck for the future.