Friday, 22 October 2010

"A Rosy Marriage" Wedding Fayre at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Tamworth

On Sunday we were unexpectedly invited by 'A Rosy Marriage' to take part in their Wedding Fayre at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Tamworth.

It was a beautiful morning, and we set out bright and early to Appleby Magna near Measham where the hotel is situated just off the junction of the A42-M42-A444. Quite a long way from Tamworth, actually, even though it's only about 10 minutes down the motorway!

Anyway, it was a very pretty but quiet affair - probably because after all the bad weather prospective brides were making the most of the lovely day - but we fielded a half dozen enquiries for 2011 and 2012, and had a great time networking with one of the other photographers - Darren from DCS Photography - who had travelled from Walsall to be there. There was even a magician on the next table to keep the kids amused!


Annoyingly, at least two of the potential bookings were for dates we've already got bookings for. We can't believe how quickly our remaining 2011 dates are filling up now, and 2012 is already looking to be busy!

Our unique custom Graphistudio Bridal Books - each one is specifically designed around the photographs from YOUR wedding - proved especially popular, over more traditional layouts and albums.

Thanks very much to "A Rosy Marriage" for inviting us, and we're now looking forward to our next one with them at "The Mill At Worston" on Halloween.