Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wedding Photography at Marston on Dove and Branston Pavilions

Laura and Shaun married at the lovely little church of Marston on Dove, between Tutbury and Hilton. We've done several weddings at this venue, and the greatest attraction of all (apart from the new car park!) is just how quiet it is after the service - no traffic at all, just the gentle conversation of the guests, and the hum of bees in the flowers.

We've known Laura for many years, and our daughter was one of the make-up artists who attended the bridal party.

It was certainly busy at Laura's house - in addition to various other family members, there were no less than five bridesmaids and three young gentlemen posing as Page Boys. From the point of view of photography - providing there is actually room to move at all! -  the more the merrier!

Laura was given away by her brother, and I must say that of all the beautiful brides of 2012 we have photographed, Laura was the most gorgeous of all.


We were slightly fortunate in that the usual vicar at Marston on Dove was away on holiday. He does not normally allow any photography from the front of the church. However, the stand-in vicar was quite amenable, and the resulting photographs show what a difference it makes to be close to the couple during the ceremony.

Laura has a background in Drama and Theatre, and it is perhaps this which makes her so striking as a photographic subject. Everything that she does, every expression she makes, is full of feeling and emotion. Shaun is a lucky man!

After the meal, we would normally have gone down to the 18th Hole for some relaxed photographs by the pool and fountain in the twilight, but unfortunately it started to rain and get very dark very quickly, so we had to move onto the party early!

We wish all the best in the future to Shaun and Laura - may all their troubles be little ones!

On 30th January 2013, Laura posted the following comment through Facebook:

"This is so lovely!xx I have just about got round all the guests and showed them the amazing album you created for us. Everyone ( including us) always comments on how you managed to capture the whole day and the pictures in the album reflect that perfectly! Like a proper story book, with the happily ever after ending and everything! in all the wedding planning madness, thank goodness you were bot there relaxed and ready to help us through the whole day! Huge thanks.xx from us both.x"

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